Substance Misuse


We understand that problems with drugs or alcohol can be part of a person’s spiral into homelessness, not always the case as not everyone who has problems with alcohol or drugs becomes homeless and not every homeless person has problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

Being homeless is incredibly stressful and it is not uncommon for those traumatised by homelessness to seek solace in drug or alcohol.

We understand that addiction has an impact on every area of a person’s life. We work in partnership with other agencies to address an individual’s specific needs, raising their awareness of the damage caused by drug and alcohol abuse and supporting them to move on to a positive future.

We know that the journey to recovery may not be straightforward and can often involve relapses. We stick with people at every step of the way and never give up.

Our drug and alcohol work

Each resident will have an allocated support worker to assist them on their individual journey of rehabilitation and as a charity we work with specialist Drug and Alcohol agencies such as CGL. The provided recovery services seek to reduce the harm caused by drug and alcohol addiction to people, their families and the communities they live in.